Monday, January 30, 2012

Simple Renovation DIY For My Jewelry Shop Furniture

The purpose of this DIY is to show how old seemingly useless junk can be turned into a functional art piece. We renovated 3 pieces of furniture in The Fuzzy Pineapple that lacked pizazz.

#1 Slat Board Box

I was using it as a storage case as well. We tried painting it pink on the sides with wall paint but it was messy and when it dried it tore right back off with the slightest scratch. So plan #2
commenced with the usage of black spray paint.

I figured out an easier way to paint in between the lines. Spray the lines first then just fill in the white space.
We sprayed it at a close range to create a dip effect with the black paint. The original plan (after the first one failed) was to spray everything black and then outline the drips in a white paint pen but later decided against it.

 The top of the box refused to cooperate with the paint and bubbled up with each spray. Soooooo, I thought it would be cool to do some type of collage or funny scenery on the top part. The mannequin that is going to sit on top of the slat board box is black too so having a black top wouldn't be a good contrast between the two. So we tore up and cut different sizes of newsprint and decompaged the entire top.

One of the left over frames didn't fit inside of the box so I used it to cover the lines of the box. It fit perfectly.